Life is like a leaf — drifting, serene, bathing in the sun.  But when a ripple breaks out, there’s no root to secure it.  Life is bliss when all is calm, eating, drinking and laughing with friends.  But when trouble arises, friendships we thought we had become acquaintances — unreliable and volatile.  Insecurity sets in, especially for those who have ventured onto foreign land.  Suddenly, this rude awakening triggers a realization,

A person who cares only for oneself, is cared by only one,

But learning to care for others, others he has won

Come and join us at the Logos Fellowship, where we learn together from scripture, the key to building true friendship; a friendship based on the giving of love, care and support.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ — Acts 20:35

人如浮萍,无根所倚.风平浪静时,洋洋洒洒地铺在水面,享受着阳光,风浪一起,想抓住点什么,才猛然意识到自己只是水面上的一株小小的浮萍,那往日舒展在水中的不过也是无依无靠的须根.人亦如此,平常无事时,三五朋友,酒杯一摆,大鱼大肉,便为兄弟.然而,事端一起,人作鸟散,这时我们才知道,我们需要的是真正的友谊,那深深扎在土壤中的友谊,还有来自朋友的关爱.特别,是相我们这样背井离乡的人,需要的是什么,是爱,是关爱,来自朋友的关爱.所以我们 Logos Fellowship 希望大家能够在这里得到关爱,也能学到去关爱别人。圣经给了我们一个关爱的榜样,所以 ‘来吧‘ 让我们一起学习边享受爱边去关心他人。

“施比受更为有福”  徒20:35

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